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What We Believe

The Bible: The Bible (Also known as Scripture) is made up of both the Old and New Testament. It was given by inspiration of God to men as the Holy Spirit gave them direction. The Bible is inerrant in its teaching and its authority is final in all matters.
The Trinity: The Godhead eternally exists in three persons; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three, referred to by the Church as the Trinity, are one God.
The Lord Jesus Christ: The Lord Jesus Christ is the only incarnation of God, born of a virgin, begotten of the Holy Spirit and became fully man as well as fully God.
Jesus willingly became fallen man’s substitution for sin before God. He died as a propitiatory sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. This sacrifice for sin was done once and for all before the Father and no other way than faith in that sacrificial death on the cross is suitable for the absolution of sin.
The Holy Spirit: The Person of the Holy Spirit is the source of all power to live a godly life and do the works of God’s call on saved man for service to Him on the earth.
The Fall of mankind: Man, as stated in Genesis, was created by God in God’s own image.
All mankind suffered with Adam in the Fall. Man became subject to satan’s will and lost his spiritual connection with God. Man’s desire was no longer to please God and in his fallen flesh became at enmity with God.
The Resurrection of Jesus: Jesus sacrificed His life on the cross for all mankind. He was buried, rose from the dead in three days, and was seen by His followers, ascended into Heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father.
Salvation: Jesus said that no man can see Heaven unless he is born again (Born from above, in essence born by the Spirit of God). Man cannot on his own volition obtain a righteous state before God through work or deed which will acquit him of the stain of Adam’s sin.
Man cannot save himself; he can only be saved by atonement for sin. Only Jesus, the only Son of God, can make that atonement. There is no other way a person can be saved other than acceptance and acknowledgment of the shed blood of Jesus Christ.
There are no church rules, special baptisms, or special acts a person can do that will save them except salvation in Jesus Christ.
Salvation comes through: (Romans 10:8-13 and Mark 16:16)
            1) Believing on Jesus as the risen Son of God.
            2) Confess Jesus as Lord.
            3) Be baptized into the Christian faith.
The Resurrection of the dead: The Word of God promises to all who are saved a resurrection from death. Until the Resurrection, those who die in the Lord will immediately be with the Lord. Upon the Day of the Resurrection, brand new bodies like unto our beloved Savior will be given to the redeemed as a reward of our faith.
The Holy Spirit in the life of the believer: The Holy Spirit is the earnest deposit given to every believer. By the power of the Holy Spirit, every believer is enabled to live a godly life before the Lord. The Holy Spirit empowers every believer to do the will of the Father. It is the Spirit who directs and enables each individual as He wills.
The Church: The Church is composed of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Church is the bride of Christ. Jesus himself presents His Bride before God the Father without spot or wrinkle. Having become members through faith in Christ into one spiritual body, it is the responsibility of every Christian to pursue unity. Denominational prejudice in the body of Christ should never be tolerated and only brings cursing on the local church and individual believers.
Citizenship of Heaven: As Christians have been born again unto a promised resurrection, our citizenship is in Heaven now. Our focus in life should turn away from worldly lust and seek after the things of God and His Kingdom.
As the Spirit gives ability, all believers are called to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are to reach as many of the lost as is possible in our lifetime.
Hell: Just as those who die in Christ are immediately in the presence of the Lord, those who die without Him are lost for eternity. Those who die in the Lord will eternally be with Him. Those who die without the Lord will eternally be cast away from His presence into a place the Bible calls the Abyss, the Second Death and the Lake of Fire.
The Sacred Ordinances of the Church: There are two sacred Ordinances of the Church commanded in God’s Word.
1) Baptism: Every believer is commanded to be baptized. Baptism within itself will not save a person, but baptism as a confession of our faith is commanded by the Lord Jesus. As much as it lies within our ability, baptism should be done by immersion.
2) Communion: Jesus told His disciples to “Do this in remembrance of Me.” Communion should be a time of reflection for every believer. If the Holy Spirit brings to mind something in our walk that is out of fellowship with Him, we are to use that time of remembrance to correct our walk, repent and recommit to the Lord.