Vision Statement

In the Old Testament, God gave us a picture of life in the salvation of Jesus Christ. During the Exodus, God sent 12 spies into the Promised Land. He told them they could have what they saw. Today, we have God's Word to 'see' the Promised Land of God. Through the Word of God, we can have what we see. Here at FMCC, we desire our lives and our church to be driven by faith in the Word of God. As we do, we believe we will dwell in those promises. We believe we can live the abundant Life Jesus promised to those who would believe.

In Psalm 103:1 David spoke to himself and said, “Bless the Lord and do not forget God's benefits. He goes on to list some of those benefits of knowing God. Some of these benefits are forgiveness of all our iniquities, divine healing, and the Word of God to instruct us how to have a good life. Even in the times of turmoil, we can stand on the Words of Jesus that He has overcome the world. (John 16:33)

The vision of FMCC is to teach the Word of God for two purposes. The first being that we might become equipped to serve the Lord as His children. The second that we would be able to call upon God for all that He promises to those who are His.