FMCC Staff

Dr. Ted & Jodi Davis
· Pastor Ted Davis, MRE, ThD
Ted did not receive the Lord until his early twenties. His family was not what one would call a “churched” family. Upon his second Sunday attendance at a local Methodist church, he gave his life to the Lord.
About one year later, he knew he had received a call into ministry and enrolled in Bible school. Throughout the years, education has always been a passion in Ted’s life both for himself and to educate others in the body of Christ. He has been pleased to offer every church he has served a mid-week service that is college level in content. Every church has been excited to find out they were able to learn more about God’s Word than they ever thought possible. Teaching the Word of God will always be a passion in Pastor Ted’s life. Teaching the Word of God to the saints has been one of the most rewarding things in Ted’s Christian calling.
· Jody Davis
Jody grew up in Cadiz with a close knit family. As a child she constantly “played” at being a missionary. It is no surprise that she follows that call today. Through her service with the Red Cross and ongoing work in Haiti, she is fulfilling her call as a missionary.
Through her wise counsel, support and dedication to the Lord, Jody works as a pastoring partner with Ted in the church and has truly enhanced his call to the ministry.
Together Ted and Jody have 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 3 granddogs.