Mission To Haiti

Jody’s ongoing missionary work in Haiti
Jody was born with a heart for missions. For the past 14 years, she has been involved in mission work in and outside the United States. She has been traveling to Haiti about twice a year with Spirit and Sword Ministries which is operated by Tom and Marilyn Shaw in Boynton Beach, FL.
While Spirit and Sword Ministries is in Haiti, they travel throughout the country ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Besides teaching in Sunday morning services, Jody is involved in ministering to women, young adults and children. Spirit and Sword Ministries has also founded many Bible Colleges in Haiti. The most rewarding ministry for Jody has been the street witnessing and visiting the shut-ins and hospital patients.
Jody says what draws her to Haiti is what she sees in the faces of the people there. In the midst of a country that has some of the most hopelessness, pain, and desperate situations in life, she still sees a people with an infectious smile and a readiness to laugh. Jody says they are hungry for someone to see good in them, to speak life to them, and encourage them. They need to hear the message that all things are possible with God.
One of Jody’s greatest pleasures is seeing old friends in Haiti and hearing them say “Welcome home.” She loves to hear their laughter when she says words wrong and they always say, “Jody laughs with all her teeth.”
Some facts about Haiti
- Haiti is known as the Land of Children.”
- Over 400,000 children without parents live there.
- Literacy rate is only 45%.
- Haiti lies in the middle of a hurricane belt.
- Over 9 million people live in Haiti; an area the size of Rhode Island.
- Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.
- Roman Catholicism is the official religion.
- Voodoo is the national religion.
Jodi Davis, Missions Director
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